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Wider Determinants of Health

This material was previously held on the West Midlands Regional Assembly site in the Health section (

Birmingham Housing Advice Triage Project

This report by MWB Consultancy Ltd is on a health and housing advice triage and referral prototype project run in Birmingham towards the end of 2010 and into early 2011, which helped health professionals to refer patients in primary care for housing advice.

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Healthy communities live in healthy homes and neighbourhoods

Paper written by DH, Gill Leng and Housing Vision, summarising the current policies and plans for Health and Housing in the West Midlands.

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Health and Housing

Resources relating to "Health and Housing", provided by Jim McManus, Joint Director of Public Health, Birmingham City Council and Birmingham PCTs

Home Energy Advice Tamworth (HEAT)

HEAT (Home Energy Advice Tamworth) was launched by Tamworth Borough Council in August 2009. Since then many private residents in Tamworth have accessed this free and impartial advice service to learn more about how they can stop wasting energy at home and start saving money.

HEAT provides information on government grants for free or discounted home energy efficiency measures such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and the replacement of broken or faulty heating systems. These measures could be free if you are 70 or older or in receipt of qualifying benefits.

Mrs Perkins had her walls and loft insulated following a call to HEAT - click on the attached link to watch a short film about how having the measures installed has made a difference to the energy efficiency of her home, and made her home warmer and has had an impact on her sons asthma.

If you would like any further information then please contact Claire Keeling, Housing Strategy Officer at Tamworth Borough Council on 01827 709286.

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West Midlands Health and Well-being Strategy

The vision of the West Midlands Regional Health and Well-Being Strategy is:

‘To maintain, enhance, improve and protect the health and well-being of people in the West Midlands Region and to reduce health inequalities by 2020 within environmental limits, so as not to compromise healthy life for future generations’.
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Health and Well-Being Briefing Papers
This series of eight briefing papers has been produced by the Regional Public Health Group, as a legacy of the extensive range of work done to date across the West Midlands. These briefing papers are aimed at local authorities and other local partners in the West Midlands and have been developed using best available national and local evidence and guidance. Local case studies are included which demonstrate good and effective current practice in support of the Public Health role of Local Government.